We engage in applications of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). We design, manufacture, assembly and supply the ORC units. With these units, we have experience since 2005. We curently manufacture and supply our own units according to customers’ needs and requirements. The ORC unit is a cogeneration unit which uses the thermal energy supplied from the other processes and divides it into electrical and heat energy.




  • the ORC unit can use almost any source of low-potential heat

  • the ideal heat source is waste heat from technological processes that are not used anymore

  • the heat source temperature for the ORC unit is usually in the range of 80 ÷ 300 °C

  • it is possible to make an ORC for higher temperatures (up to approx. 800 °C), but also for lower temperatures

  • the difference between condensation and evaporation temperature should always be higher than
    60 °C - higher temperature difference = higher efficiency of ORC unit (higher electrical power)

  • in addition to the heat source, the ORC unit also needs a source of cold, for cooling is commonly used air or cooling water, the heat generated by the cooling of the ORC unit can be used for example for heating, wood drying..., or liquidated, eg using air-cooled condensers (heat energy is discharged into the ambient air)

  • the benefits of ORC units include:
    easy integration into existing technology, compact design, fully automatic operation and therefore low operator demands

Coolers with zero consumption

Coolers with zero consumption are coolers with an integrated ORC system. Unlike conventional cooling systems that need electricity for their operation, coolers with zero consumption produces electricity themselves. The energy produced in the cooler covers its own consumption, the excess energy being supplied to the power grid. We offer two types of coolers with zero consumption, CR coolers with plate heat exchangers and KR coolers with air-cooled exchangers. The CR coolers are designed for indoor or outdoor installation. KR coolers are designed only for outdoor installation.

Technical specification:

Cooling power [kW] 3000 5000 7000 10000
Max. flow of cooled liquid [m3/h] 129 215 301 430
Electric power - CR [kW] 107 180 253 362
Electric power - KR [kW] 43 73 103 148
(cooled liquid - non-aggressive liquids (water, oil, ...); temperature gradient 80/60 °C)

Cogeneration units

Cogeneration units are units for combined heat and power generation (CHP). The input energy to the units is any form of thermal energy at the temperature range of 200 to 800 °C. The output is the electric energy of 400 V and heat energy. Output temperature is optional. The units might also have their own source of thermal energy (a burner) and are designed for indoor or outdoor installation (a container).

Technical specification:

Electric power [kW] 200 500 1000 3000
Thermal power output [kW] 724 1810 3620 10860
Thermal power input [kW] 952 2381 4761 14283
(temperature gradient 80/60 °C; inlet temperature 300 °C)

Power units

Power units are designed to convert thermal energy into electrical energy. The units are divided into the units processing energy of the low potential range of 80 to 200 °C, i.e. NT units and units processing energy of the high energy potential range of 200 to 800 °C the HT units. Electrical energy output from the generator is 400 V. The units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation (a container).

Technical specification:

Electric power [kW] 200 500 1000 3000
Thermal power output [kW] 1666 4166 8332 24996
(inlet temperature 150 °C)
Electric power [kW] 200 500 1000 3000
Thermal power output [kW] 800 2000 4000 12000
(inlet temperature 300 °C)

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